Unique look, unrivaled performance
Crafco HP Concrete Cold Patch features the rare combination of great looks and even better performance. Not only is HP Concrete Cold Patch the first and only gray-colored cold mix repair, but its special formulation — featuring a polymer-enhanced hydrocarbon resin — gives it unique properties that allow it to be installed in the coldest temperatures in the industry and perform at an extraordinary level for a long time in either concrete or asphalt.

Crafco HP Concrete Cold Patch’s unique gray color enhances aesthetic appeal, provides safety benefits, and offers contractors and agencies a new, exciting option.

HP Concrete Cold Patch also features an innovative combination of aggregate, polymer, and resin to produce several unmatched performance benefits. The proprietary formulation delivers improved adherence, leading flexibility and durability, and the best workability in the coldest temperatures.


  • Unique gray color — first and only gray cold mix for concrete or oxidized asphalt
  • First and only polymer-fortified hydrocarbon resin cold mix, resulting in unmatched adhesion, flexibility, and durability
  • The most-workable cold mix available, ideal product for cold weather usage.
    • Stays workable in the bag to -8°F, nearly 40 degrees colder than next-closest competitor
    • Longest shelf life (years vs. months), saving you money
    • Lowest force needed to install
  • Proven to last up to 8 years in concrete and 6 years in asphalt
  • Easy to install
    • Comes ready to use in a pre-mixed bag for quick and easy application
    • Doesn’t require equipment or major tools; easy enough for one-person operation
    • Lowest force needed to install
    • No messy clean-up
  • Immediately open to traffic or use
  • Performs in all weather conditions
  • DOT approved
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