The model TR-1-NK-HE digital scale indicator is supplied with a 5000 psi (temperature compensated) sensor with 12 feet of hook-up cable to the digital display. The unit provides a quick and easy weight check for shipping or receiving, or inventory verification. It has a “Lock-on-Weight” feature that keeps the weight on the display while pressure may be bleeding in the lifting cylinder. The ability to weigh while loading eliminates time wasted using a stationary scale. The display is mounted for easy viewing and operation without interfering with the operators view. It gives the operator a quick check for unsafe overloads.


  • Attach to any type of hydraulic lifting system and view the weight of the load being lifted.
  • Accuracy error less than 2% of lifts capacity.
  • Use on forklifts and loaders.
  • Converts hydraulic pressures to readable weight display.


  • Water-resistant corrosion proof enclosure with stainless steel adjustable stand/mount
  • Overload warning.
  • Weight totalization feature.
  • Lock-on-Weight for stable viewing and totaling of weight.
  • All pushbutton controls
  • Data output for printer or computer
  • Super bright LED display
  • Temperature compensated sensor supplied
  • Optional label printer or thermal tape printer
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