Standard Features

No Engine Noise, Vibration or Fumes

  • Complete any job at any time without production shutdowns or disruptions
  • Reduce user fatigue while delivering perfect lines on all surfaces
  • Improved jobsite conditions

Simple Plug-in Charging
Onboard 120 V Inverter/Charger

  • Plug into 120 V wall power for stationary applications

Improved Front Wheel Adjustment
EZ Align Wheel System

  • Simple way to keep striper tracking straight

Consistent Spray Fan
SmartControl 3.0

  • Eliminates pressure fluctuation for unmatched line quality

Real-time Job Performance Data
LiveLook Display with SmartControl

  • Tracks all aspects of your job

HP Automatic Includes All Standard with LazerGuide Features PLUS

Automatically Strip Skip Lines
Automatic Paint Gun System

  • Reduce operator fatigue — push button line production
  • Quality solenoid-driven system

Eliminate Line Length Guesswork
Automatic Paint Gun System

  • Marker Gun Mode — perfect for parking lot layout work

Valuable Job Information
J-Log System with USB Download

  • Proof of job = more striping opportunities
  • USB download capability allows you to capture and save all job data
25N550Standard (2-guns, both manual; 2-batteries)
25N551HP Automatic (2-guns, 1-automatic, 1-manual; 2-batteries)
25N552HP Automatic (2-guns, both automatic; 2-batteries)
25N559HP Automatic (2-guns, 1-automatic, 1-manual; 2-batteries; LazerGuide 2000)
25N560HP Automatic (2-guns, both automatic; 2-batteries; LazerGuide 2000)
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