Mastic One® is a hot-applied, pourable, aggregate filled, black color, self-adhesive, pavement repair mastic used for preserving, maintaining and repairing asphalt, Portland Cement Concrete pavement and bridge deck surfaces. Composed of highly modified polymer asphalt, Mastic One® is designed for large cracks and distressed surface areas too small for re-paving. Meets ASTM Specification D8260 Type I.

Mastic One® Type 2 is ideally suited for cooler climates; may not be suitable for some applications where pavement temperatures exceed 158° F. Meets ASTM Specification D8260 Type II.

Ideally used for:

  • Repairing deteriorated longitudinal joints
  • Leveling depressed thermal cracks
  • Filling wide cracks and joints
  • Pretreatment of fatigue cracked areas prior to surface treatments
  • Filling potholes
  • Sealing utility cuts
  • Skin patch repairs
  • Leveling manhole covers
  • Leveling bridge deck approaches
  • Filling spalls, popouts, and corner breaks
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