Increased capacity and performance to handle your largest project or any workload you put in from of it.

Unique features of the Patcher 4 include:

  • Large 395-gallon capacity material tank.
  • Additional material loading door on the driver side, offering two intake areas for greater efficiency. Includes a third area for bucket storage.
  • Optional powered auger chute to dispense material extends outside the wheel path for safer and more efficient application.
  • Integrated digital control system ensures mastic temperatures are always kept within specifications.
  • Angled and staggered agitation blades provide superior material agitation and aggregate suspension, ensuring a consistent material blend as it moves through to the discharge gate.
  • A 6:1 gearbox delivers high torque to eliminate agitation stall using high-density material.
  • Innovative anti-splash lids with automatic safety shut-offs protect your crew from hot sealant splashes.
  • The versatility to simultaneously melt and prepare Mastic One, Matrix, and TechCrete to repair wide cracks and distresses in bituminous and PCC pavements.
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