Part # 87920BDT-05 Poreshield Surface Treatment (5 Gallon Pail)
Part # 87920BDT-55 Poreshield Surface Treatment (55 Gallon Drum)
Part # 87920BDT-T Poreshield Surface Treatment (275 Gallon Tote)

Part # 87910JT-05 Poreshield Joint Treatment (5 Gallon Pail)
Part # 87910JT-55 Poreshield Joint Treatment (55 Gallon Drum)
Part # 87910JT-T Poreshield Joint Treatment (275 Gallon Tote)

PoreShield™ is a new technology based on soy methyl ester-polystyrene (SME-PS). It is a cost effective, high performance, non-hazardous, concrete durability enhancer for all densities of concrete, new or old.

Can be applied topically in place of common penetrating sealers. However, it performs very differently. It is a long-term (10+ years) durability enhancer protecting concrete from premature damage that begins on the inside, caused by moisture, salt, deicing & freeze/thaw conditions. PoreShield fills pores & creates a flexible, continual self-sealing, hydrophobic barrier that is both preventative & curative.


  • Defends concrete from moisture ingress
  • Blocks ion transfer into concrete: Ca, Cl, Mg, etc.
  • Prevents Calcium Oxychloride formation
  • Arrests ASR (Alkali-Silica Reaction) deterioration
  • Inhibits staining & rebar corrosion

Non-Toxic & Sustainable

  • Low VOC (43.3 g/L): meets national standards for EPA VOC, as well as CARB, SCAQMD, OTC, & AIM
  • Environmentally safe: land, air & water
  • Safe for workers: does not require PPE
  • Renewable, Biobased & Biodegradable
  • USDA BioPreferred & Federal Purchasing certified

Easy to Use

  • Easy & fast application: horizontal & vertical surfaces using sprayer
  • Easy clean-up: soap & water
  • Can apply in low temps (to 20F)
  • Works on all densities concrete
  • Quick & simple surface preparation
  • Cost effective

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