Select the right preconfigured system for your jobs — now and in the future. With the modular design of the RoadPak System, you can be assured of fast installation of your new striping system. Plus, with the plug-and play-style connections, you’ll see just how easy we’ve made it to install.

Features & Benefits

Bead Tank

  • 450 lb (204 kg) bead capacity.

1 or 2-Pump

  • Flexibility for those needing only 1-color or striping contractors who are growing into 2-color applications where it’s easy to switch between yellow and white stripes with a twist of a lever.

RPS 2900 Hydraulic Motor

  • No-stall design provides the reliability you can only get from Graco.

Endurance Piston Pump System

  • Graco pumps have delivered excellent results in pumping striping paint for over 20 years.
  • Adjustable Gun Arm Beam
  • Gun arm beam is located closer to the rear vehicle axle, assuring a more normal striping ow.
  • Double Acting Guns
  • Air-assisted paint and bead guns offer excellent starts and stops.

Adjustable Bead Deflector

  • The finger-adjustable bead deflector allows you to set the bead pattern to the exact width needed for the job (optional).

Dual Hitch System

  • Patented design makes the hitches part of the striping vehicle, tracking with the truck, not behind it, delivering straighter lines and smooth transitions into curves.

Dual Wheels

  • Four wheels create a smoother ride and protection from flats.

Video Guidance System

  • Provides forward viewing for checking alignment while restriping or following control marks.
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