Part # 20A024

The Graco TapeLazer is a fully-automatic, walk/ride-behind, gas-powered traffic tape applicator that includes key features from our renowned LineLazer V HP Automatic stripers for fast, easy taping applications. Include the Graco patented LineDriver to maximize productivity on every application.

Apply permanent or temporary tape up to 14 inch wide, at truck speeds, within 3 inches of a road edge while being able to cut tape on-the-fly with the push of a button. Apply double lines in a single pass and pre-program skips with no layout required. On-surface & deep inlay groove applications.

HP Automatic System

  • Push button tape application
  • Start/Stop with the push of a button
  • Put down skip lines with ease using the built-in Automatic mode
  • System Delay for accurate starts/stops

Precision-Cut Technology

  • Consistent, quality results
  • Non-stick design — single blade cuts on non-adhesive side of the blade — no oiler needed
  • Exclusive 2-stage cutting process delivers the best possible adhesion

Adjustable Carriage

  • Fast, easy adjustments
  • Slide tape carriage right or left to get within 3 inches of road edge
  • Keeps you safe — out of traffic

EZ Load Tape System with EasyMark Tape Bar

  • Fast tape loading
  • Tool-less locator collars for quick/easy change-out
  • Tape Bar Guide Mark System allows for quick and easy tape alignment resulting in straighter lines

Ultra-Flex Rollers

  • Superior tape adhesion
  • Non-stick silicone eliminates primer build-up
  • Segmented design allows roller width to match tape width for optimal tamp on all applications

No-Stick Blade

  • Trouble-free cutting
  • Single blade cuts on the non-adhesive side of the tape eliminating adhesive buildup and the need for an oiler

QuikChange Blade

  • Less downtime
  • Swap out the blade in seconds — keeps you up and running on the job

Dual Swivel Wheels

  • Debris-free design
  • Exclusive design keeps the front tires and debris out of the primer — resulting in better adhesion
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