Part # FC2400-4MC
150/5210-24, 5.2.b — Non-Mechanical Systems

The FOD Commander is an innovative FOD sweeper that quickly and efficiently cleans up debris from the runway and ramp area. This lightweight and maneuverable unit allows for easy install and simple cleanup. This unique design uses friction to lift material from the ground, allowing airflow and the unit’s forward motion to scoop and trap debris from fine sediment to large sticks and tools.

  • Effective tow speed: 6MPH (10KPH) to 30MPH (50KPH)
  • Sweeping Width: 8ft (2.43M)
  • Easy debris removal
  • Single person operation
  • All weather operation


  • Carrying Bag
  • Tandem Towbar
  • Wall Mount Hooks
  • Mat Hanging Rings

FOD Commander Manual

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