The Grazor® is invaluable for the sealing contractor who has to remove vegetation and other debris from cracks and crevices before laying down crack filler and applying sealant. The Grazor’s robust construction and balanced platform make cleaning cracks much less of a chore.

GrazorTM: GZ401H
Pavement Surface Prep
Model #: GZ401H (Honda)

• 6-position height adjustment
• 8” steel wire brush
• Remote brush declutch
• Heavy-duty frame and caster
• 3-year Subaru and 2-year Honda warranty

G600172 – 8” Wire wheel-heavy duty for Grazor
G620158 – 1/2” Router bit for SL
G620159 – 5/8” Router bit for SL
G620160 – 3/4” Router bit for SL
G620161 – 1” Router bit for SL

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