Part Number RCML893-G

FAA Certified
AC 150/5345-53D


  • Fitted with LED Bulbs for long life
  • Easily set up by one person in two minutes
  • Lighted “X,” when opened, spans 20’6”
  • Warning light for failure indication
  • Full fuel load (20 gal.) capacity of over 200 hours
  • Raised and lowered by Electro Hydraulic Assist
  • 2” trailer frame steel w/2000 lb. axle
  • DOT-approved lighting technology
  • Four 5,000 lb. jack stands for support
  • Operated with on-demand generator and DC power
  • Auto-dimming for nighttime operation
  • Optional heavy duty protective cover

Optional – S1703

(not included in Standard Specifications)

  • Heavy-duty coated vinyl Lighted X covers
  • Anti-mildew with UV pigments
  • Color – yellow

Operation and parts manual

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