The LineLazer 3400 is the proven performer for your re-stripe jobs. As the preferred choice for 1-gun professional performance, the LineLazer 3400 is perfect for small parking lots, mini malls, seal coating contractors, schools and park and recreation departments.

25M224 LineLazer 3400 (1 gun)

Standard LineLazer Features:

New frame

  • Newly designed frame is 3 inches longer, adding stability and improved tracking which results in improved line quality.
  • Now accepts 15-gallon hopper and EZ Bead System

New EasyMark Gun Adjustment System

  • Simple guide mark system
  • Easy gun on/off, front/back
  • Perfect gun set up, every time

New Rear Mount Hose Wrap

  • Provides easy on/off for those demanding stencil jobs

Easy Reach Controls

  • Operator controls are located on the handle bars
  • You can fine tune the striper without stopping

New Handle Bar Design

  • Redesigned for reduced vibration, greatly reducing operator fatigue
  • Contoured grips for greater comfort and control

Electronic Pressure Control

  • Accurate, tight tolerance system provides excellent line quality

Chromex Pump Rod

  • Long life rod treatment for the most demanding materials
  • Four times harder than ordinary chrome

Honda Power

  • Contractor preferred–excellent power and proven reliability

Exclusive EasyOut Filter System

  • 60 mesh filter for no plug performance
  • Inside-out filtering prevent clogs

Endurance Paint Pump

  • Industry best performance
  • Proven design with 25 years of success

Front Swivel Wheel

  • Provides easier “up to the curb” parking lot striping and hard-to-do curves
  • Tapered locking pin design for years of dependable operation


Max Tip Size0.027
Max GPM (LPM)0.75 (2.8)
Max PSI (BAR)3300 (227)
Honda GX Engine CC (HP)120 (4.0)
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