RPMs & Halftracks

  • Effective and convenient long-term temporary road marking products
  • Designed to be long-lasting enough for use in both low volume and interstate highways
  • Provide clear guidance to motorists both night and day
  • Simple to install and remove

Temporary Overlay Markers (TOMs)

  • Primarily for short-term temporary lane line markings in asphalt paving projects and other construction work zones
  • Placed after final rolling of the new asphalt
  • Engineered for easy application and removal to reduce the amount of time workers are in the roadway TRPM
  • Unique adhesive system keeps the TOM securely in place but when it is time for removal the TOM comes up with a simple tug

TOM options

  • Standard colors are yellow and white but are available in additional colors by special order
  • TOMs are available with reflective sheeting on one or both sides

Flexible Chip Seal Markers (TRPMs)
TRPMs, just TOMs, provide positive guidance to drivers both night and day. The TRPM utilizes a cube-corner micro-prismatic reflector. These tough reflectors are extremely bright and resist cracking and peeling.

  • Standard in yellow and white but other colors are available by special order
  • Standard TRPMs come with at least one clear plastic cover or cap which is designed to
  • protect the marker and re ective sheeting from sprayed asphalts or slurry products
  • Multiple protective covers are available if the requirements of your sealing project warrant
  • Special high heat TRPMs formulated to withstand extreme temperatures are available
  • TRPMs are available with reflective sheeting on one or both sides
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