AirMark® is a durable preformed thermoplastic pavement marking material. Whether the need is for linear delineation or horizontal surface signage, AirMark® is best suited for markings such as taxiway, hold position, geographic position, vehicle roadway, aprons, ramps, and at aircraft parking and tie downs.

Sherwin Industries, Inc. is a Certified AirMark Applicator

Benefits of Using AirMark®

  • Included in current AC 150/5370-10 Item P-620
  • Inscriptions (letters/numbers) on surface signage made according to current FAA AC 150/5340-1 or ICAO standards accordingly
  • Application only by AirMark® Certified Applicators requiring large infrared heater according to specification
  • Manufacturing control at ISO 9001-2015 certified facility ensures consistent material thickness and composition to meet specification
  • Clean, crisp appearance
  • Applies to asphalt and portland cement concrete (including Green concrete)
  • Supplied at 65 mil for cost-effective service life and performance
  • Highest quality UV-resistant pigments
  • Conforms to pavement contours, breaks and faults
  • Interconnected segments of material–typically supplied on rolls–saves significant time when positioning marking for application
  • Retroreflective glass beads are mixed throughout material at time of manufacturing. As the marking wears new beads are exposed for retained retroreflectivity.
  • Indents in top surface of material provide a visual cue during application for proper heat and bead embedment
  • Resistant to aviation and motor fuels, lubricants, de-icers, etc.
  • Can be reopened to traffic in as little as 15 minutes depending on current conditions
  • No lead chromate, heavy metal compounds or VOCs
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