The Pro Crack Cleaner cleans cracks and crevices in asphalt and concrete surfaces quickly and easily. Clearing away debris and undergrowth is extremely important before laying down crack filler and applying sealant. Dual belts are used to clear crevices quicker and more thoroughly.

  • Honda┬« GX120 engine
  • Dual belt drive provides extra power to the brush and reduces slippage during application.
  • Large heavy-duty 9″ diameter twisted wire wheel brush ideal for cleaning out expansion joints and cracks in asphalt or cement.
  • Brush depth adjustable up to 4 inches.
  • Brush shield keeps debris off the belts.
  • Convenient controls adjust depth, belt tension and brush engagement all from the operators’ positions.
  • Anti-vibration grip for user comfort.
  • Four-wheel design provides extra stability and eliminates the need for a curb wheel.
  • All wheels have steel hubs with ball bearings and full axles both in the front and rear for smoother and easier maneuverability.
  • Large gas tank size reduces refueling intervals.
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